Random Haiku iPhone App
Launched by Dynamicore Consulting Inc

Released in App Store on February 8th
Entertaining and Functional iPhone App
Provides Five Random Generator Apps in One

San Francisco, CA - Thursday, February 11, 2010 - iPhone app Random Haiku was approved by Apple on Monday, February 8th, and launched in the App Store for sale that evening. Random Haiku is a creative experience that engages both the left and right brain sensibilities with five apps in one!

The Haiku title tab is where your poetic skills come to play. A Haiku poetry generator creates random verses of three lines in 5-syllable, 7-syllable, 5-syllable form with the press of a button or a touch and drag on the screen. Vivid seasonal imagery can be generated embodying feelings of tranquility conveying an ultimately positive emotion. Rich, serene words are used to produce each Haiku generated. Producing a sensible, provocative Haiku form takes some creative thinking. Once a great one is produced, simply select by touch then copy the Haiku for pasting into a social network status or anywhere else - email, Notes file, etc.

And four other tabs have packed the app with so much more. The app is also a:

Leveraging iPhone features to add fun, three of the tabs contain sound and visual effects to expand the experience.

Random Haiku Theme: ADAPT
The theme for Random Haiku, and future Dynamicore apps, can be succinctly summed up with DCI's originally coined acronym - ADAPT - App Diversity Accelerates Productive Thinking. DCI's devotion to diverse, productive thinking is reflected wholly in Random Haiku, and other apps are currently being designed with ADAPTability in mind.

"Our goal is to provide apps that are designed to move someone using them from a mathematical to an artistic thought with the speed of a tab touch", said Rob Lind, president and chief architect at Dynamicore. "Why not provide apps that keep the customer's mind busy in a variety of ways? We believe this will lead to greater creative exposure and broader-based entertainment and learning. It is a gift of nature to have multiple talents and interests and our apps will regularly exercise those powers."

Experiences Using Random Haiku
One early customer gave the following feedback: "This is the app that Philip Glass would have built, if he built apps. Strangely compelling. The rub-to-fade and accelerometer add to the legend."

DCI's demo audience fully enjoyed the app as well. It was noted that they loved the sound effects and the visuals as well as the natural use of the accelerometer functionality. With the built in drum effects the app customer can jump right in and add a little sound spice to any lively event. But depending on the volume of the party one may need to plug into more robust amplification.

Random Haiku Info via DCI App Support Page
For more information and complete user references find links within the App Support page from menu bar above. Click the Details link in the app description table and then from the Randon Haiku page navigate into each tab link for full details.